Human Resource Manager (HRM)

HRM is the core HR database and global system of record with built-in productivity tools that support reporting, queries, and complex analyses. Its unlimited capacity can capture over 350 fields of information for each employee. The one-step record updating design makes work more efficient and productive, and data more accurate.

Benefit and Claims Manager (BCM)

BCM organizes and monitors employee benefit expenditures and claim patterns quickly and easily, with minimum administrative effort.

Leave Manager (LVM)

LVM takes care of all types of leave and the administrative and analytical requirements ranging from the computation of leave entitlement to the update of leave records and reporting.

Payroll Manager (PRM)

PRM is multi-currency and capable of accommodating monthly, daily and hourly rated employees with multiple payslip options. The computations of overtime, shift, allowances, deductions, contribution funds, etc., are quickly and easily computed. PRM conforms to local legislation and integrates with third-party payroll systems to produce consolidated reporting and analysis.

Performance Systems Manager (PSM)

PSM has on-line performance appraisal tracking capability and can accommodate multiple performance appraisal 'forms' designed for different levels of employees.

Recruitment and Placement Manager (RPM)

RPM supports processes from submitting a requisition to the hiring of a suitable candidate. A database of applicants is maintained to facilitate profiling and analysis of best candidates suited for specific jobs. Scheduling of interviews and expense tracking are also available to support the recruitment process.

Time and Attendance Manager (TAM)

TAM automates the time and attendance collection process and provides flexibility with user-defined fields for areas such as shift rotations, shift maintenance policy, and time attendance. Computations of overtime, shift, allowances, deductions, etc., are calculated quickly and easily.

Training Manager (TRM)

TRM is designed to enable full tracking of training administration requirements, including on-line nominations, training room management, tracking of employee's skills bank, training expenses, external facilitators and management reports.