Payroll and HR Outsourcing

With 25 years in the human resource industry, iHROS offers a wide variety of flexible payroll and process outsourcing support options that are tailored to the needs of each individual company.

Our team is constantly updated on local labor regulations to ensure that iHRos remains conscious and compliant while providing our clients with complete end to end support.

iHRos Payroll Manager Key Features

iHRos Payroll Manager Key Features

Focusing on automating and expediting HR transaction and payroll processing, iHros BPO can help you reduce operation costs, Improve accuracy, and eliminate business risk while remaining both flexible and accessible.

BPO Services We Provide

iHRos blends technology and HR expertise for complete best-practice administration. Our highly trained representatives deliver personalized assistance for your user's inquiries, transactions and requests. Our payroll manager capable of accommodating monthly, daily and hourly rated employees in multi currency with multiple payslip options. The computations of overtime, shift, allowances, deductions, contribution funds, etc., are quickly and easily computed. PRM conforms to local legislation and integrates with third-party systems to produce consolidated reporting and analysis.