iHRos Agile Workforce Solutions

iHRos provides real-world, high-value solutions that meets our clients’ needs. Our solutions are agile, flexible, customizable and designed to fit a broad spectrum of human resources needs. We are the preferred strategic partner to launch your business to operate more efficiently.


iHR™ Cloud-based Payroll and HR System

The core HR system of iHRos, iHR™ is a cloud-based, flexible, and scalable system technology to manage and develop human resources efficiently and effectively. Whether your company has a team of 500 or 50,000 employees, iHR™ is the best choice for your organization as the system is centralized yet designed for deployment at anytime and anywhere, be it locally, regionally, or globally. Designed for quick installation and minimal fuss, iHR™ is entirely customizable, fuss-free, and scalable.


Payroll and HR Outsourcing

With 25 years in the human resource industry, iHROS offers various flexible payroll and process outsourcing support options that meets the needs of organizations’ specific requirements. Our team is constantly updated on local labor regulations to ensure all compliance laws are adhered to for various countries.


HR Consulting and System Integration Services

iHRos provides real-world answers to human resource challenges faced by clients throughout the world. We customize solutions and integrate systems to streamline and implement strategies, complementing our HR Technology and Outsourcing solutions with front-end consulting services. Linking and integrating iHR™ with internal and third party technology, iHRos ensures end-to-end HR delivery solutions tailored to fit the needs of your business.